Roof coatings can prolong the life of your roof for up to ten years at half of the cost of a replacement.

Don’t have the extra money laying around for a roof replacement? We can restore it. In this difficult economy, it might be hard to pay for a complete roof replacement. With a roof coating and remediation solution from AAA Diversified Services , you can extend the life of your present roof at a more affordable rate.

With covering and re-graveling, you can extend the life of your roof up to ten years at 50% of the cost of replacement while conserving energy at the same time.

AAA Diversified Services proudly provides coating and restoration services for our business and commercial clients! We just use proven products, produced by credible manufacturers who supply exceptional guarantee protection. This allows us to save you cash, without compromising quality or trusted coverage!

Benefits of Coating Innovation

Our coating systems are created to offer a long-term, sustainable roof option that is smooth, watertight, and virtually maintenance-free. Many clients select to take benefit of the monetary savings that our coatings provide, as they generally cost less than other new roof choices, yet supply similar service warranty protection!

  • Tested technology
  • Weather condition and water resistant
  • Not impacted by ponding water
  • Shows the sun for much better energy effectiveness
  • Restores and extends the life of existing roof
  • Lower-cost option to roof replacement
  • 10, 15, or even twenty years Warranty coverage

AAA Diversified Services happily uses coating and Remediation services for our commercial and industrial customers! Our covering systems are developed to provide a long-lasting, sustainable roof solution that is smooth, water tight, and virtually maintenance-free. Lots of customers select to take benefit of the financial cost savings that our coatings offer, as they normally cost less than other new roof alternatives, yet supply comparable service warranty coverage!